Saturday, June 28, 2014

The SMP Classical repertoire

Take your seats, Ladies and Gentlemen!

(Or if you prefer 'the gods', secure your standing spot!)

For you are about to be treated to a classical concert here at The Sanctuary :-)
Welcome to the SMP Classics :-)

Down Under recently reminded me just how much I love classical music. And The SMP being the main topic of this blog, why not combine classical music with my favourite all-time topic?

Without any further ado, let the show begin!

I bring you...The Top Twenty SMP classics...

Note: In this concert, it really is the music that counts, NOT the musicians or the video images...remember this is an auditory exercise, not visual. Work with me here, gentlemen. The ladies already get me :-)

Bearing in mind my name, there could only be one introduction to tonight's concert...

Welcome to Planet SMP :-)
At least that's what Zarathustra says :-)

Take it away, Richard Strauss!

Men are from Mars...

Women are from Venus...

Representing the alpha male types...
Whoa, can you feel the awesome power?

And the sweet, feminine gals...
How lovely!  How charming! How utterly feminine!

Mr. Cool is in town. He doesn't understand why he can't move for girls throwing themselves at him...
Confidence, perhaps? Oh, I don't know...! Why does this piece remind me of The King of Siam?

This lady scores highly (on both counts) on the hot-crazy scale. She should be avoided, but there's no stopping her admirers...of which there are legion :-)
They just can't help themselves :-)

This man is off  'on the town' with his, love the bromance!
Hm...pearl fishing...
Is this a new PUA term??

The good girls are praying for husbands...

The bad girls are smoking dope in the nearest bar...

The PUAs are getting busy...


A little something nocturnal for our party boys and girls? Keep it klein clean, Herr Mozart, this is a family show blog! :-)


Show me your dance moves ! (male edition)

Work it, girl! :-)
Can you too picture the Turkish belly dancer?

It's a date!
But...'first date' nerves rule :-(
Oooooh, the nail-biting is almost palpable here (shudder)...


How romantic!

She said yes!!!

But this is how he really feels about marriage :-)

She is already planning the big day...

And somewhere in a far away Celestial Galaxy, St. Jerome is shaking his head...
It's a tragedy! Another young man falls to his death! Get the funeral cortege ready!


Thanks for the inspiration, Down Under.
I really enjoyed compiling this :-)

Any suggestions to add to this list, folks? If it's classical, it's in :-)
All entries will be enthusiastically considered :-)


As to the future of the SMP, I would be failing if I didn't end on a positive note.
I shall let Karl Jenkins have the last word.
Indeed, he is right: When it comes to the war of the sexes, better is peace than always war.

Ring out the old, bring in the new!

Take it away, Karl...


Bob Wallace said...

What? No Beach Boys?

Spacetraveller said...


Bob, you're too funny.

Well played :-)